Pre-competition press conference took place at the FIDE Women's Candidates Tournament in Kazan

A press-conference dedicated to the start of the FIDE Women's Candidates
Tournament in Kazan took place at AO Tatmedia on May 30 It was attended by
FIDE Executive Director Victor Bologan, RCF Executive Director Mark
, First Deputy Minister of Sport of the Republic of Tatarstan Khalil
, and two tournament participants, Kateryna Lagno (Russia) and
Nana Dzagnidze (Georgia).

Victor Bologan pointed out the high level of organization of the FIDE Women's
Candidates Tournament in Kazan:
"There wasn't much time to prepare. FIDE is grateful to Tatarstan and Kazan for
taking care of this outstanding tournament. Apart from the Candidates Tournament,
many more events will be carried out alongside. And there is no doubt that everything will be held to the highest of standards."

Mark Glukhovsky, in turn, underscored that the tournament is regarded as a major
event not only in Russia, but internationally:
"Kazan hosted a chess event of a similar caliber in 2011. It was the Candidates Tournament as well, only among men. We are very grateful to the organizers who decided to refresh their past experience and repeat the event, for women this time.

The winner of the tournament will play the Women's World Championship Match against the reigning champion, Ju Wenjun from China.

When we organize a major tournament, we always try to prepare a diverse program for our spectators. This is a long competition with four rest days. People who work at the tournament -I am primarily talking about our commentators-, will host master classes on the rest days.

This will be our first attempt of going outdoors as well. We will place a chess tent on Kazan's main pedestrianized street, Bauman street. On playing days, the onlookers will be able to listen to the live commentary, and on rest days the tent will be hosting open blitz events. Hopefully it will be a positive and exciting experience"
Khalil Shaikhutdinov greeted the audience on behalf of the Ministry of Sports of the Republic of Tatarstan:
"What an exciting occasion – once again Kazan is hosting a major international chess event, the Women's Candidates Tournament! I would like to thank FIDE and Russian Chess Federation for their vote of confidence, the decision to carry out this tournament here, in the capital of Russian sport."
Kateryna Lagno, who had played in Kazan in the past, shared her memories about the city and her expectations from the tournament:
"Of course, I am very excited to return to Kazan. I really liked it the last time. We are staying in downtown Kazan, the weather is wonderful. As for the tournament, I expect it to be very exciting. Even the ratings of the participants are very similar. Trying to predict the results in women's chess is absolutely pointless. Hopefully the spectators will enjoy it, and the battle will go down to the wire"
Nana Dzagnidze also abstained from making predictions:
"I will not speak about chances, as everyone has a chance in this tournament. I am personally happy to be here. I think this is the strongest tournament in the history of women's chess. I will try to play my best"
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