Third rest day

On the third day off, the organizers offered a trip to the island village Sviyazhsk – the second most popular place in Tatarstan after Kazan. Sviyazhsk was founded as a fortress for Ivan the Terrible in 1551 on an island on the confluence of the rivers Sviyaga and Volga. The group visited the Cathedral of the Assumption (built in 1555), observed unique wall paintings of the 16th century, walked around the island, and enjoyed a samovar tea party with oven-baked pancakes.
The chess tent on Bauman street hosted two master classes. Grandmaster Evgeny Miroshnichenko had a lecture on typical mistakes of chess players and how to avoid them, showing examples from his own practice.
After him, grandmaster Ilya Smirin talked about endgame subtleties that occurred in his games.
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