Second rest day

The chess tent on Bauman street was bursting with life – a blitz tournament for children took off on June 7 at 3 pm. 32 young players were divided into two groups and competed in a single elimination round. Players who won their games qualified for the main tournament, a 5-round Swiss, and those who lost continued to play in a consolation tournament.

Alan Zaripov won the main event with 4.5 points, Ilmir Farukhov was second with 4 points, Timofey Grigoriev was third with 3.5 points.

All players received diplomas and gifts from the organizers. The top three players were awarded additional prizes.
20 young players then attended a master class by Sergey Shipov – the famous grandmaster, coach, and commentator discussed various chess topics for about an hour.
The cultural program of the day was also quite diverse. A trip to the Tatar village Tugan Avylym (which means "Native Village") was arranged. A Tatar Khan and his wife met the guests at the main gate for a photo session, and then the guests were invited to dress in real Khan clothes. There were also a sweet treat, a master class on cooking gubadiya, a sweet Tatar pie, and a traditional Tatar tea-drinking ceremony with some trivia on national traditions and customs.
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